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ENUF Photographic Exhibition builds resilience through creative action


Creative processes are well known to help people gather knowledge and gain insight into a range of complex issues and it is the process of photography that Living Positive Victoria has used in its latest project to address stigma and build resilience in people living with HIV.

The ENUF images ENUF voices Photography Exhibition will be open to the public at The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne, from Tuesday 20 – Saturday 24 June 2017.  This exhibition is a coming together of people thinking about stigma and resilience and sharing their experiences of living with HIV through photography.

ENUF campaign coordinator Brenton Geyer is passionate about working with artists and arts practitioners to explore new and different way to deliver messages around HIV stigma and resilience. “I believe that the creative process is an effective and valuable way to change ways of thinking and draw out feelings and emotions that can easily translate through art,” says Geyer. “Through this process the ENUF campaign is offering just one more way for people living with HIV to draw upon their experiences of stigma and resilience and enter into visual conversations with themselves and others about those experiences.” Geyer understands that there’s an untapped audience who don’t pick up leaftets, don’t take any notice of posters nor read magazine articles but do go to the the theatre, visit art galleries and exhibitions. “It’s these audiences that the ENUF Images ENUF Voices Photographic Exhibition aims to capture,” says Geyer. “By viewing these photos and reading the stories behind them, people will go on to understand how stigma affects all of us who are living with HIV.”

The exhibition has been made possible through the support of the City of Melbourne Arts Grants program and Federation Square.

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