I was diagnosed with HIV in the early 90's. The doctor was not equipped to deal with my condition. I didn't see another doctor until 2002. Then I stopped going and became blasé about my HIV because I felt okay until 2013.My health deteriorated severely and my family forced me to go the doctors. I didn't want to know about how serious it was. I buried my head in the sand because I didn't want to find out where I was at. And I can't give a reason why? I think my own fears were so overwhelming that I just shut down. Now I am getting treatment and life is so much better. You have to get enough courage to tell the people you love and that love you because you can't and shouldn't do it on your own. You can't end the stigma until you end it yourself. You'll be amazed at people's response and acceptance. I feel better about myself, yes it's hard but it's also life changing in more ways than one. And now it's out in the world let us all end the stigma.

Will Vialls