In 1990, At 18 I was being tested for HIV in the navy every 3 months, at 23 i was caring for and watching a dear friend lose his fight against HIV when no-one else would.. I was an educated caring man and I understood too well the challenges that HIV presented in the 90's .. but that didn't protect me from being selected, stalked and raped outside a local bar, men don't get raped, drinks don't get spiked so I was told at the hospital when I sought out what became PEP.. Only for medical staff in those days .. So I hid the truth and cried quietly, three months later finally testing positive, I drank all night and at work the following day the doctor rang me to pressure into taking meds.. My boss heard every word on a second line and within the hour an angry mob of parents stormed my restaurant where i trained their teenagers and bashed me, then sacked me. I lived with a colleague at work who threw my belongings onto the street that night .. The first 24 hrs with confirmed HIV were hell