*HIV will not beat us* I am awaiting my test results. I have gone through the most darkest time of my life this past week. But no matter what I pledge to live my life with love & promote understanding in whatever way I can. I believe that the stigma will be beaten & with each year of better treatments, healthy & happy living the virus WILL NOT win. I am hetero & as alone as I feel I know that I am in control of my life. I appreciate life so much & no matter what the results I will keep improving myself, do my best to live with ultimate love & I will find a women love her & start a family. And I will always support those with HIV whether I am positive or not. For those men & women living with HIV in Australia and feel that they're alone. Remember you are not. You are in charge of your mind, heart, body & soul. Live life to the fullest no matter what. Love yourself & love others. Let go of the hate & fear. Together we are beating & will continue to beat HIV & it's stigma. Peace&Love