I was diagnosed in 1988 & told i had most probably 5 years to live. I have never forgotten that statement it haunts me to this today. Ive been through some harrowing times and have lost many many mates over the years. I still have personal issues / demons that I live with to this day, but I have learnt over the years with good therapy to deal with now in more productive ways. I have had amazing support from family and close friends that has been wonderful and has given me the strength to move forward with my life. Telling friends & family originally of my diagnosis was in itself a very fractured process that took many years to unfold due to stigma's around my HIV. Today my life is very settled and wonderful on so many levels of which I have to balance as good as i can. The stigma for me that comes with living with HIV never really fades away. Sharing our own journey's of self belief & strength through living with HIV will always promote strength through diversity. 25 yrs strong !!