I've been practicing for 14 years as a lab technologist in Canada, working now for a dermatologist. He sets the tone, and thankfully he is an intelligent man. He has never tolerated any discrimination from his staff which has resulted in us being known as a good clinic for positive patients. That being said, the stigma is still a monkey on the back of so many. There are the ones that assume their family doc has included their status in their file and/or are too ashamed to tell us. Then the ones that are adamant that they should hold the bloody gauze so they don't get us infected. There have been ones sent to us that have been refused treatment at other dermatology clinics due to their status. The saddest of all to me is the man I met that was just ANGRY at the world. He walked through our door assuming it was going to be just another humiliating experience, and thanked us when he got treated equally. Medical staff are educated to know the real risk and still this happens.