Not since I originally started coming out about being gay, has something been so difficult to talk about. Just over a year ago I was diagnosed HIV+. With the stigma that is attached to this virus it is definitely hard to talk about. The Colorado AIDS Project has been a huge help in coping with my diagnosis. As I was not fully employed, they assisted with the food bank, and helped pay some of my bills while I tried to get myself healthy and back to feeling good about myself again. It's been a difficult process coming to terms, but after living with it for a year now, in a twisted way, the diagnosis has actually saved my life. I have been able to get medical help that I otherwise would not have had. Thanks to the drug studies I have been participating in, I have managed to find two life threatening conditions that probably would not have been caught until it was too late to do anything about. I have taken to the medication very well, and have been undetectable since December.