On June 25th 2010 I received my diagnosis as HIV+. The single biggest life changing event one will ever encounter. After multiple suicide thoughts and a Therapist I realized I am still the same person just with a + sign attached because I am that awesome... :-) I realized I can't let this hold me back in life. I swallowed hard, sucked it up and moved on with my life. Life is full of ups and downs. I took about about 5 downs all at once. Life has turned around. Year 3 of physical therapy and I am standing strong (literally). Yes it's an adjustment, but learning to walk a second time in life is a much worse experience. Trust me I know first hand. My motto now is live and let live. I do not take ANY comments personally any more. Nobody can ruin my day. I love and respect you all. If anybody needs an ear I am here for you. Always Andrew Soullier