My story starts many years ago when AIDS started affecting people around me in the club scene in Auckland NZ. Since then I've had friends live with and die of AIDS. As a performer I've been able to take part in and lead many community driven events and activities in NZ and now in Melbourne in support of, or bringing awareness too, or just plain fundraising for, those affected by HIV/AIDS. One of the challenges I've faced is working alongside other performers who have spent time campaigning for prevention, then contracting the disease themselves, its a disease that doesn't all. I have close friends who are living with HIV/AIDS and I try and not treat them any differently than I do any of my other friends, but how would I actually know as I don't have the disease. Talking about it, showing, supporting, sharing these stories are important in fighting HIV stigma. I'll stand up for you, always. Nga mihi kia koutou katoa Bumpa Love xxx

Bumpa Love