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Our collective voices are what will help mobilise a social movement to resist stigma within our communities. The ENUF campaign aims to encourage all people, regardless of their HIV status, to have the courage and skills to identify and refuse to tolerate the manifestations of stigma in our lives.

These are the voices of the ENUF Ambassadors.

"We all have the power to choose. Choose to diminish the stigma of HIV. Challenge your assumptions. Change your viewpoint. Ask new questions."
ENUF Ambassador Rachel Berger. Writer and Entertainer
"Face stigma and discrimination, face your courage, fight back."
ENUF Ambassador Eric Fleutelot. Regional Advisor on Global Health in South East Asia
“Despite the great successes we have achieved in treating and preventing HIV infection, stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV continues everywhere. Eliminating stigma and discrimination must remain at the core of the HIV response and I believe can be achieved. To do this, is all our responsibility.”
ENUF Ambassador, Professor Sharon Lewin FRACP, PhD. Director, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, The University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital
“Living with HIV isn’t always easy, but by connecting with the PLHIV community you connect with a global network of passionate educators, carers and activists who are united in opposing stigma and discrimination, standing up for the rights of people living with HIV, and ending the epidemic. We stand on the shoulders of giants.”
ENUF Ambassador, Paul Kidd, HIV Activist and Writer
"Some people think resilience is like armour, deflecting the slings and arrows of stigma. However, armour is something you need to put on everyday. It's heavy and can weight you down. My hope is that people living with HIV work together to develop a type of resilience that works more like a force field, an energy that comes from within."
ENUF Ambassador, Nic Holas, HIV Activist and Writer
"With HIV infection diagnosed in over 142 000 people in 2014, the WHO European Region recorded the highest number of newly diagnosed infections in one year since the start of reporting in the 1980s.The growth of the HIV epidemic is mainly driven by the eastern part of the region where unfortunately HIV stigma remains the most important barrier to public action. Criminalisation of intravenous drug use, the continued denial of the success of opioid substitution programs and increasing homophobia are further fuelling the HIV epidemic. Fighting against HIV stigma remains one of the crucial prerequisites for turning the HIV epidemic around. A fight everyone needs to join.”
ENUF Ambassador, Professor Dr. med. Jürgen Rockstroh, University of Bonn
“While there has been excellent progress made in new HIV prevention technologies and treatment advances, the issue of HIV stigma and discrimination still casts a nasty and unwelcome shadow. Given we have, as a community, collectively lived (resiliently, I might add) with HIV for over 30 years, I find the level of HIV stigma that still exists, shocking. We all need to do more to shut this down.”
ENUF Ambassador, Nic Parkhill, CEO, AIDS Council of NSW
“You are not alone. You are not the only one. You are not the first. You will not be the last. The light of disclosure eliminates that shadow of shame. What you resist will persist.”
ENUF Ambassador, Dean Beck, HIV Activist and Journalist
“We now have solid evidence behind us. Know the facts. Control your diagnosis. Don’t let your diagnosis control you.”
ENUF Ambassador, Campbell Clarkson, HIV Activist and Youth Advocate
"HIV stigma needs to change. People are the key to changing it. Across Australia thousands of us are choosing the protection of PrEP. Besides contributing to more joy, intimacy, and well-being PrEP is helping us build even more loving relationships with people living with HIV. We’re PrEP’D for awareness, and we’re PrEP’D against stigma. We are PrEP’D For Change, and we’re here to support you.”
ENUF Ambassador Chris Williams. PrEP Champion

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